#UpgradeMedicaid Petition

is protesting current Medicaid policies in Iowa with help from Action Network (Click to learn more) 

Our first "action" is the petition shown below.  

#UpgradeMedicaid's rationale for this petition:

While, we believe that our elected officials had the best intentions with the privatization of Medicaid, it's implementation of outsourced managed care has had devastating effects on a significant portion of Iowans.


Iowans who utilize Long-Term Support Services (LTSS), the community based assistance program which allows members to have daily activities performed successfully, are being unduly punished by a system more concerned with making money than promoting the consumers’ well-being.


Some of the main issues needing to be upgraded are:


  • Caregivers deserve a living wage, appropriate training, and more incentives to increase the workforce

  • Equitable person centered level of care assessment, free from conflict of interest

  • Streamline electronic processing of all documentation for caregivers: from applications, to background checks, to time sheets

  • Complete transparency from the State of Iowa AND the Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) to the public, regarding all policy and financial actions

By adding your name to this petition, you are supporting the individuals affected by these policies as well as helping bring the needed attention to impact change.


The petition itself:

To: Governor Kim Reynolds, Iowa General Assembly,

and Mike Randol, Iowa Medicaid Director
From: YOU!


Outsourced managed care through the privatization of Medicaid has had devastating effects on a significant portion of Iowans. IT IS NOT WORKING!

Iowans who utilize long-term support services (LTSS), are being unduly punished by a system that is more concerned with making money, than promoting the health and well-being of its consumers.

When former Governor Branstad instigated the privatization of Medicaid in Iowa, the goals were to improve quality and access, have greater accountability to the public for outcomes, and create a more predictable and sustainable Medicaid budget for the state.

These goals are not being met. It is time to #UpgradeMedicaid!

We implore you to meet with and include Iowans, who have been impacted by LTSS under Medicaid, to clearly define the issues and create sustainable solutions for individuals to live where they choose as promised by the Olmstead decision in 1999.

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