Do You Have a Story to Tell?

Elected officials keep saying that they are not hearing about the problems Iowans'    are having with Medicaid.    

This is an opportunity for people with disabilities, caregivers (paid or unpaid), providers, families and/or friends to share the complex, compelling stories about how the privatization of Medicaid has impacted the lives of:

  • individuals being able to live independently,

  • families incurring increased cost and stress,

  • caregivers not being paid or able to work for such low wages and

  • the providers who are struggling to stay in business.  

We thank you for your willingness to share your struggles, so that the general public and our elected officials can truly understand the depth of these problems; for the former to be be motivated to vote for for those candidates who are in support of improving Medicaid and for the latter to vote for for legislation to improve the policies and transparency.