Lots of Mail But Where's the Money?

Charlene Mills, CDAC provider, posted this on Facebook November 9th:

“I got 24 pieces of mail today from Amerigroup, no check for September or Oct. I'm ONLY half way opening these & so far it appears that I've been granted authorizations for each month in 2020. They have duplicated each letter. It's frustrating & a huge waste of $. What happened to one letter with the entire years authorizations? Authorizations are great but can someone please help us (me) get paid?

I got a call Wednesday from what I understood was CDAC provider services saying no claims received & asking me to email her copies, ok (September faxed 6 times & mailed to Virginia Beach and October faxed twice & mailed once). She promised to get back to me by Friday.... I never heard back.

When does enough become enough?”

In response to speaking with Charlene, #UpgradeMedicaid asked the question about care workers not getting paid, this is what was posted:

“We always thought we were blessed to be cco (Consumer Choice Option) via hipp (Health Insurance Premium Payment) but now my daughters staff aren't getting paid either due to problems in the system with her waiver/funding, so it can happen to anyone. Iowa needs to take responsibility for making sure people under these programs are getting g paid.”

“I am having trouble finding an agency that can consistently provide me with a cdac (Consumer Directed Attendant Care) caregiver. It's been over a year without any consistency and now they have no one to send. It doesn't help to be on a waiver when the services can't be provided.”

“I never gotten paid yet from amerigroup for two months and now they just call told me to fax another claim for August this is bs”

“same here”

“We are owed all of Sept (2 providers) and one of the Aug. payments”

“My checks have been 2 months behind. I am so behind on my bills now. Idk if or when I can get caught up. Not right to us caregivers or clients.”

“i know how you feel i am so behind on my bills to i even loss my truck cuz i haven't gotten paid in 2 months”

“this is insane. I’m still waiting for a check from Aug”

“ so am i for August”

“Finally got paid after much hassle n 2 months of calling in.”

“I've been paid, but very slowly, and have to call every month. To be honest, I am starting to wonder if I'm not just screwing myself by being cdac. I have no idea how much I will wind up owing for taxes when those come around...yet I would still have people to take care of even without cdac so...I just don't know. Rant over.”

“I am a live in for one client, but not for my other client. From what I understand, I would be exempt from taxes for one client, but not the other. So it's going to be a mess. I'm just frustrated with the whole thing.”

“I also have two providers who are being paid very late. One of them has still not been paid for September. I am very fortunate that she continues to work for me.”

“Me I’m one”

“Every month since they took over”

“Yes it’s getting old!!”

“I just called Amerigroup and they said that if you do not have direct deposit set up that it will take a long longer to process claims due to the amount of new people they have after the United healthcare system went down so for direct deposit they gave me a phone number to call the number is 8448159763”

“Yes I called today to check on my claims and they said the fax machines went down again and they didn't know so they didn't receive a lot of the faxs.”

“Since they took over ☹️”

“Always has been that way”

“Is it just Amerigroup with this problem or are CDAC providers from Iowa Total Care having same issues too?”

“Yes am still waiting for August”

Charlene posted again on Nov. 22nd and she states it better than we could:

“Finally paid! the check for September & October showed up this morning via UPS overnight. It only took too many faxes to keep track of, mailing numerous times & electronic submission, not to mention the HOURS upon hours on the phone with provider services.

Not sure if it was the ombudsman's assistant Linda or Amerigroup just sick of dealing with me but the nightmare is over. It should have never got this bad.

End of next week we submit for November, I pray that whatever the problem was ( Amerigroup still claims they have no idea what went wrong) has been corrected. Provider services has asked me to electronically submit November & call her once done so they can track the claim from beginning to end.

To anyone still owed money my advice is to call Linda in Des Moines @ the ombudsman's office (Email: Telephone: 515-281-3592 or 888-426-6283) & get in touch with provider services, Shannon. Keep on them everyday. Don't bother asking your clients case worker for help, my clients never even returned my call even after leaving a message that I could not & would not go into December until I was paid for what I was owed for September and October. I would have NEVER left my client I was just frustrated & hoping by threatening they would get off their behinds & get me paid. Shows how much they care about "their clients".

Things have got to change. We all have to come together & get to work on a plan of action for change.

First thing we need to do is start a registry so we all can lean on, learn from & help each other & the clients we have grown to care about. This will also help caseworkers, discharge staff etc locate qualified CDAC in their area. It also will help us as CDAC look for new clients if ever needed.

#UpgradeMedicaid is pretty amazing & needs all of our input, please get involved. We save our state so much money by doing what we do & keeping people out of nursing homes, we deserve a yearly cost of living raise. I didn't get any type of raise till after 10 years & only because my clients caseworker at the time noticed I should have been getting .23 cents more per unit. We all deserve more then $3.58 per unit ($14.32 hour).

#UpgradeMedicaid had heard that there might be legislation to get direct care workers (CDAC and CCO) $15/hr. Please get involved. It is going to take all of us to come together.

NONE of us should ever have to fight this hard for our hard earned money.

Be persistent it will pay off. Goodnight & good luck.”

#UpgradeMedicaid will be keeping you up to date on legislation in the 2020 Iowa Legislative Session regarding direct support worker increased wages and anything to do with changes to Medicaid, LTSS and waivers. Please sign up on our webpage to receive blogs and updates as they are posted and/or follow our Facebook page.

It is rumored that Iowa Caregivers is looking into a direct support worker directory. We will be trying to connect with them and support this effort in any way.

Here’s to building a stronger, more supportive community in 2020 for our awesome caregivers, individuals with disabilities and our fabulous families. Thank you, Care Workers, for doing the important work that allows individuals to live in the community. and we hope you have a wonderful holiday (and get paid on time!).

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