Evan's Appeal

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

... My name is Evan B. Schultz & I am a voter Polk County, Iowa. I was born in 1986. In summer of 2016 I became quadriplegic by fracture in my fifth cervical, I am paralyzed from my chest down. I feel I am lucky to have chosen Amerigroup health insurance early on, I cannot say I was very informed as to the benefits of each MCO, which is a major issue, I just ended up being lucky. I receive services from Iowa Home Care 3 hours each day of the week for going to the restroom, showering, & getting out of bed, as well as 1 hour each night for getting into bed & situated.

Only because of these services, I am able to interact with my community, achieve physical therapy, spend time working & volunteering, keeping up with the issues of my peers, & staying involved with spinal cord injury/other life-changing events support groups. I have heard & continue to hear horrific stories from my close friends in losing NEEDED services, & coverages due to privatized Medicaid situation.

My friends & peers are suffering, & I fear for my own future. I feel so guilty that I have reliable services, I am an exceptionally rare case. This immense feeling of guilt & empathy motivates me to contact legislators, & continue to support the network of individuals being wronged & those that care for their well-being.

Proper Medicaid service for long-term supportive services & coverage is needed, so many individuals desperately rely on it, as well as myself. Please help fix the Medicaid situation ... Thanks so much for your time ...


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